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This blog is all about giving information’s, tutorials majorly, on Architectural lighting design, aka Lighting design. The tutorials will be based on the DIALux design model.

DIALux is a Professional lighting design software. It offers a free software you can design, calculate and visualize light professionally with– single rooms, whole floors, buildings and outdoor scenes. DIALux is used as a planning tool by over 680 000 lighting designers worldwide.

For the benefit of our followers, this DIALux tutorials will be based on the DIALux 4.13 version.

About SEelectrics Lighting Design Consult

SEelectrics Lighting Design Consult is a Lighting Design Consultancy that specializes in lighting design with the DIALux software, the foremost and best lighting design software in the world. Our clients are mainly players in the Food manufacturing and house-hold products industry. Our clientele base includes Nestle Nigeria Plc, Henkel Nigeria Limited, AP Foods Nigeria Plc, Shaybet Services Limited and Suntory Beverages and Foods Nigeria Limited. Kindly click this link to visit our blog for details of previous job https://seelectricslightingdesign.wordpress.com/design-gallery/

Benefits of Lighting Design

 Professional lighting designers bring solid technical acumen and sensitive design technique to architectural and landscape projects. But the value-added services they provide can make or break the success. These benefits are,

  • Equipment Cost Control

Lighting designers can provide a design to meet an established budget, but are most helpful establishing the budget. They will select equipment from numerous manufacturers to help keep bids competitive and recommend lighting equipment or techniques to reduce installation costs.

  • Operations Cost Control

Often, costs can be reduced simply by not over-lighting a space. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways a professional designer can reduce costs and enhance the project. Improving the reflectance of surfaces can help reduce lighting equipment and operations costs.

  • People Costs

Quality of light affects people on many levels. New scientific studies are demonstrating how lighting affects retail sales, the productivity of office workers, wayfinding and safety and security.

  • Aesthetic Costs

Architects know that the value-adder for brilliant and creative design is difficult to assess and depends on the appreciation of decision-makers. A competent lighting design brings architecture to its fullest realization, and beyond.

SEelectrics Lighting Design Consult strictly works with and gives a Lighting design that suits the client’s budget and Industrial lighting standards. We have successfully completed various projects, delivering cutting-edge Lighting design consultancy services to our clients and also building a lasting professional relationship.

We look forward to extending this mutually beneficial business relationship with your organization as a registered consultant.

Thank you.

About me

YHi, Stanley Chinedu Okunamiri. I studied at the Prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, where i bagged a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. I am a Lead DIALux lighting designer at Mundial Engineering Limited. My passion and drive for lighting design, informed the launching of this blog to tutor lighting design.

Hope you enjoy this.

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